​​Margaret "Marge" Bakalars passed away on Saturday December 19th, 2015. Marge was the inspiration that led to the start of BB Graphics and without her, BB Graphics would most likely never have been established. Marge will be greatly missed by many!
Rest in Peace Marge


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 BB Graphics was established in 1992 by Gary Brenner a longtime resident of La Crosse Wisconsin and is celebrating 28 years in business. Gary started dabbling in screen printing back in 1987 while working full-time and attending college. It was the demand for Gary's original artwork and the excitement he experienced from his clients (some famous), that drove him down the path to starting B&B Graphics at the age of twenty-six.   
BB Graphics was originally B&B Graphics and started as a partnership in a space of approximately 600 square feet in a building on the south side of La Crosse. The partnership dissolved in the first year and BB Graphics moved to 121 7th street north, a 6,500 square foot facility in downtown La Crosse in 1996.
After 23 plus years at the 7th street north location, BB Graphics purchased a historic building that was built in 1864 and beautifully renovated. This stone structured building is one of the twelve oldest buildings in La Crosse and was originally built as a church and was St. John's German Reformed Church until the early 1900's.     
 BB Graphics is primarily a contract textile screen printer but as you will see on this site, also offers laminating services and advertising specialty items.
​  The staff at BB is dedicated to taking your ideas and creating unique, original graphics that can be applied to media that promotes your business, event or organization at an affordable price. 
 BB Graphics has shirts that have landed all over the world in their first three decades of business and they plan to clothe the masses with quality apparel at affordable prices for many more years to come.